Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy

Olivet Academy (OAc) admits students of any race, sex, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate in its selection of students and employees on the basis of race, sex, color, national and ethnic origin. All students and employees of all race, sex, color, national and ethnic origin are entitled to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities provided by the school.

OAc is a school that is shaped and informed by the Christian tradition. Parents who send their children to OAc desire to see their children benefit from formation of Christ centered, biblical worldview.

At least one parent is expected to actively participate in the life of our school by attending parent events or meetings and participating in parent enrichment events.

Students are admitted upon administration approval after completing an application. Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 years old by the first day of the school year. Others must show evidence of last grade completed.

No student is fully registered and space in the class is not reserved, until the non-refundable registration fee is paid and the parent(s) understand the philosophy of the school’s education.

The following admission policies have been adopted to assure consistent standards of admission in agreement with the philosophy of the school.

  • The parent(s) must state by signature that they have read and understand the philosophy of the school as described in the Family Handbook.
  • The parent must agree by signature that:
    • The school has full discretion in the discipline of their children within the bounds of the discipline policy.
    • The school has full discretion of the grade placement and assessment of the children.
    • The parent(s) will meet all tuition and other financial obligations.
    • Parent(s)/student(s) have read, agree with and will perform as is required by the Family Handbook.

  • Submit the following:

    • a. Verification of Parent/Guardian Identity
    • b. Verification of Student Birth Date
    • c. Verification of Immunization Record: All students new to the school must have proper proof of immunization.
    • d. Verification of Student Grades
    • e. Report of Health Examination for School Entry (If applicable): Each applicant entering school for the first time is to have a physical examination by a physician reported on the school medical form. This must be submitted to the school prior to the opening of the school year.
    • f. Enrollment Documents (Student Application, New Family Application, and other required documents in the enrollment packet)
    • g. Legal Documents (Applicable to child custody or other)

Students transferring from another school must sign a ‘request for records.’

Parents may be asked to be interviewed by a representative of the Admissions Committee. The purpose of this interview is to determine if the family/student meets the spiritual, conduct and academic standards required for admission into OAc, and to answer any questions the family may have about OAc. OAc will not admit students who have academic, emotional or behavioral needs which cannot be met by the school. Students who are currently, or have recently been, involved in a sinful life-style (e.g. drugs, alcohol use, sex, rebellion to parents or school authorities, etc.) will not normally be admitted unless there is irrefutable evidence that God has changed the life of the student. Students that have been expelled or asked to withdraw from another school will not normally be admitted to OAc unless it can be positively demonstrated that the issue that caused the expulsion has been addressed and corrected.

Acceptance or rejection of applicants will be by written notification, except under unusual circumstances.

Financial Agreement

Upon admission parents are required to submit a financial agreement (one per family).

Nine Weeks Trial Period

All students are admitted conditionally on a nine weeks trial period. If the child fails to make acceptable progress or does not adjust to the program of OAc, the parents will be expected to give additional help at home or the child may be asked to withdraw from OAc. The school reserves the right to place the child in the grade it deems necessary.

OAc, as a private institution, reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards for student conduct, dress, and scholarship. Admission is not determined by race, color, or nationality. OAc retains the right to refuse admittance to anyone who fails to meet the entrance requirements. OAc also retains the right to suspend or expel any student who violates the standards set down in the Family Handbook or other rules of conduct as defined by the administration.

New Student Admission Cancellation

When a new student receives two (2) suspensions in the first quarter of their enrollment his/her admission will be cancelled and he/she may re-apply in the following school year.

Returning Students

Each spring, OAc will announce the opening of registration for the following school year. Parents of current OAc students will be allowed to register their students before registration is opened to new applicants. Parents will be notified if there is a problem with re-enrolling their child because of academic or disciplinary reasons. OAc reserves the right not to re-enroll a student if the school believes the student has educational or behavioral needs that the school cannot meet.